C.L. Manion’s Moon

Allison Merten

Last December, I got to be a part of C.L. Manion’s short film, “Moon.” I am excited to finally share it with you! The description of the film as is a follows: The pill taken for a headache has unintended consequences.

Before I share the film with you, I want to share with you some behind the scenes photos to give you a “taste” of wait awaits you! 😮

Let’s start with something normal, like makeup artist, Lola Hoon, putting some real flowers in my hair.

Allison Merten Lola Hoon Moon Flowers

Discussing the expectations for the “garbage in your hair” scene. 😛

Allison Merten Moon Garbage

Lola Hoon trying on the tubes/hair for size. 😉

Lola Hoon Moon Tubes

Lola Hoon with a prescription bottle on her…eye? 😮

Lola Hoon Rocket Ship

Lola Hoon painting my face like a moon. 🙂

Allison Merten Lola Hoon Moon Rocket ship

Wearing a prescription bottle on my eye while Lola Hoon awaits to apply the “goop.” 😀

Allison Merten Lola Hoon Rocket Ship


Allison Merten Moon Eyelashes

Yasir Alhumaidan getting the tarp ready for the…

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The pill taken for a headache has unintended consequences.

Check out our latest short film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjC9jVGRNy4

Starring – Allison Merten (allisonmerten.com)
Writer/Director/Producer – C.L. Manion (clmanion.wordpress.com)
Assistant Director – Kathleen McCarthy (@Kathleenm_McC)
Filmed by/Editor – Yasir Alhumaidan
Hair and Makeup – Lola Hoon (lolasmasquerade.com)

The Boulder


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Up and up.  Up and up.  Rolling slowly.  To the top.

The boulder inched forward in steady spurts, passively following the groove of the path.  The groove was just its size, exactly.  It felt the dirt crushed to dust beneath its weight.  Behind, the steady pressure of the man’s hands and the callous of his shoulder.

He was not a young man.  It was not a young rock.  And the hill was very old indeed.

Up and up.  Up and up.

The summit was drawing nearer, and the man was breathing hard.  The boulder pitied his effort.  What was it for?  They had been here many times before, and would be so again.

Up and up.  Up and up.

“I’m afraid I have to admit,” the boulder whispered in apology, “rolling back down is my favorite part.”

The man, in his rhythm, only shrugged.

“It is a good hill.”

Up and up.

Up and up.


The painting is by Franz von Stuck – http://masterpieceart.net/franz-von-stuck/ 2009-09-06 06:59:48, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=22766484