–a sketch–

“Come! my brothers and sisters on this journey-road before us.  Stretch out your winged heels and take that first step of flight; for we are setting off into the kaleidoscope of kinetic knowledge.   Streaming along on that be-bop broadway of bigger things, the intersecting interstates of vascular pavement, we’ll be dancin’ to the heart of the human beat.  Set the sails so we may spread our sparks!  Anchors away and turbines to speed!  Our yet-to-be odyssey is screamin’ for me – and thee!”

Thus began Sunshine. A not so young man in skinny jeans and kiddie-costume fairy wings, he radiated his psychedelic Shakespeare into the desolate Wal-Mart parking lot.  An angel of life.  A black Freddy Mercury caught somewhere between genius and Holy Fool.

“Be not afraid of the unknown, un-grown, gap of sight.  The road is always an uncertain beast beset with yet undiscovered oddities.  Embrace the beautiful gamble and do not doubt the sum of us…and so ye vagabond angels, get on the bus!”

 The engine started, choked, sputtered, and revved.  They were off.