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The other day I caught part of a nature documentary on TV.  They were talking about these little jumping spiders that live out in the Dakotas someplace.  Apparently, they have quite the courtship ritual.

When the male spider finds a female (a challenge in itself, being so tiny), he performs a dance for her.  There is much jumping and soaring and other acrobatics.  And patiently, she watches.

Then if that wasn’t enough, he sings to her.  This is an interesting choice for a species with no ears.  Although, to be more accurate, he ‘buzzes’ – sending vibrations through the ground, which the female perceives through her feet.  And patiently, she listens.

If she is impressed, they mate and make many beautiful baby spiders.

If she is not impressed, she kills him and eats his body.

Seems a bit harsh, if you ask me.  I mean really, they can’t all be Gene Kelly.