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What is it about writing at certain times of day?  Very first thing in the morning, or after the sun starts to sink – that works best for me. Any time other than that – a lazy weekend at home, bathed in cheery sunlight – and I’m lost.

Today – all day – I’ve been beating my brains out trying to get something down.  I need to, too.  I’ve several large projects I’m working on, and increasingly less time to work on them.  Around three o’clock I was on the verge of an existential crisis, wondering whether or not I had any business calling myself a writer, as I could not come up with a thing.  Gloom, doom, and three cups of bitter tea.

Then – or rather, now – the sun started dipping toward goodnight and the words are running as fast as I can type them.  The oddest thing.  Reminds me of a quote from Agnès Varda.

She was being interviewed for the documentary “Great Directors”, and talking about the nature of creativity.  Varda expressed similar concerns – the feeling that one day the creativity might dry up, and that’s it, no more.  But then she smiled and said, “An apple tree is supposed to make apples.”

Or in other words: don’t worry, it’ll come.

And so I try to remember.

Thank you, Agnès Varda.


“Great Directors” (2009).  Directed and written by Angela Ismailos.