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Earlier this week, there was an article in the Entertainment section of the LA Times that stated:

Benedict Cumberbatch will return to the London stage next year to play the mopey prince of Denmark in a new production of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” which will run at the Barbican theater.

…which struck me as kind of funny. Not Cumberbatch playing Hamlet – to the contrary, I’m sure he’ll be fantastic. No, I giggled at referring to Hamlet as “the mopey prince of Denmark.”


It seems like the kind of term most often used for children denied ice cream, or a teenybopper with an unrequited crush. Not Shakespearean princes, surely.

Although… if anybody had a reason to mope…it’d be Hamlet. I mean, think about it:

His uncle murders his father – total bummer. About a month later, Uncle Murder marries Mom – super awkward. He accidentally kills his girlfriend’s dad – oops. Then she goes nuts and drowns herself, leaving Hamlet to deal with her very angry brother. And if that wasn’t enough, practically everyone in Denmark thinks he’s going mad.

So yeah, Hamlet’s having a bad year.

Given all that, I think I’d be pretty mopey too.