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I didn’t hear you,

Did you speak?

I know the coffee’s

Awfully weak,

And the biscuits are not ever

What they used to be.

But Arnie called,

And called again.

I said you’re out,

Out with a friend,

But you’d be back

At a quarter

Or a half to three.


Is something up?

Is something wrong?

I know, I know,

I hate this song.

There, it’s off now

So we can hear each other better.

It’s just that, Jennie,

I’m concerned.

I know you’re young,

There’s lots to learn.

But don’t you think

That you could make

A little effort?


Oh did he really?

Well then I see.

Not at all,

Presumptuous me.

You’d think by now

Iā€™d know my place: aside.

No, go on then,

Have your cry.

It was just awful

For him to lie.

And really,

How could he ever

Call you that?


That’s the phone then.

No, I’ll take it.

I’ll tell him that

You want to break it.

Oh don’t worry

I’m really good at this.

Just rest your eyes

And have a drink.

Try just maybe not to think

And we’ll make out better plans

Then, in the morning.