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Have you seen Linda?

I’ve misplaced her.

Which is not the same as lost.

I thought I put her

In the corner.

But it seems she’s wandered off.


If you see her,

Could you tell her

That we really need to speak?

She’s been acting

Rather strangely now,

And looking rather weak.


I think you’ll know her

When you see her.

She used to look like me.

Before the worries

And the hurries

And the things I came to be.


Please just tell her

She can reach me

Any time at all.

She has my number,

And if she wants to,

I’d really like a call.


You look confused now

But don’t you worry,

I’m sure that I know why.

It’s a funny sort

Of thing to ask

Especially on the fly.


But if you see Linda

Somewhere out there

Off her head and free,

Tell her please to come back.

Because I’m Linda.

But she really isn’t me.