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Him:  I don’t understand your obsession with these movies.

Her:  It’s the characters.

Him:  What?  Why?

Her:  What’d’ya mean ‘why’?

Him:  Well, I mean, look at ’em.  You got this one here, she’s clearly trouble.  And Mr. WhatsHisName has got a stick so far up his ass —

Her:  No!

Him:  No? You don’t think Mr. BackhandCompliment is asking for every bit of sass he gets from Little Miss Troublemaker over here?

Her:  That’s why I like them…But it’s not like that exactly… You don’t understand.

Him:  So explain it to me.

Her:  Take these two for example.  They love each other – clearly – but nobody wants to be the first one to say anything because that sucks, y’know? Terrifying.  So they have to play this whole game – like social chess – and it’s absolutely lovely because they’re probably a couple of the most well-spoken people on the face of the planet.

Him:  Lovely?

Her:  Yeah.

Him:  Since when do you use the word ‘lovely’?

Her:  I use that word!

Him:  So you like these people because they’re emotionally constipated?

Her:  That’s not what I meant and you know it!

Him:  No, ok.  So, you like them because of all of the fancy word play and romanticism.

Her:  And the costumes.  Don’t forget the costumes.

Him:  Right.  And costumes.

Her:  And the fantastic locations.

Him:  Locations… I thought you said it was about characters.

Her:  It is.

Him: Really?

Her:  In my mind it would be absolutely perfect if they were real people.  We’d all be friends, y’know?  We’d do brunch.

Him:  Bruch?  We’re doing brunch now with Ms. Anti-Establishment and Mr. DontMakeMeFeelMyOwnFeelings?

Her:  Yes, and it would be fabulous. You would wear tweed.

Him:  Now there’s a fantasy.

Her:  Don’t step on my dreams, man.  Don’t step on my dreams.

Him:  Of course not, m’lady.

Her:  You are forgiven.  You may kiss my hand.

Him:  As you wish.

Her:  That’s a completely different movie.

Him:  But I get that one.

Her:  Shh!  This is the best part.

Him:  Ok… I love you.

Her:  I love you too… Shut up.

Him:  Ok.

They giggle and settle down to watch the rest of the movie.