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I forgot to buy the coffee

I hope you don’t mind much

Though I don’t feel much like making it

With the cold crept in and such


Did you put away the pizza?

I know I didn’t do it

And television, was it turned off?

It was good but I slept right through it


Good Lord, it’s ten already

No, three quarters after nine

I suppose we should get going soon

But our snoozing suits me fine


If we were perfect, we’d be up already

Or prob’bly ages ago

Getting on with this and that

And herding ducks into a row


We could be much more efficient

With our days all timed and planned

Never stopping for a daydream

Ever minding the running sand


But I prefer that we’re imperfect

In the dim mid-morning glow

As we lay like sleepy figures

Of Michelangelo