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Hello, welcome! Have you heard about our – oh, ok.

Hello, welcome! Have you heard about our new promotion? Up to fifty percent off select items from this table.  That one?  Let me check… this one’s just twenty-five.  Well, its “up to,” so some are… Yeah, the sign is a little misleading.  No, they come from corporate, so I don’t have any control over– Ok. Right. I’m sorry.

Hello, welcome! Have you – Ok, well, let us know if you have… any questions… ok, thanks for coming in!

Hello, have you been helped? Oh, um, I don’t know – but let me check.  (Do we even sell that?) Just a moment. No, I’m sorry we don’t carry… Have you tried… Well, I don’t work there, so I’m not sure if they do. I’m sorry.

Hello, have you been – oh, one of those?  Let me check our system.  Sorry, our system’s slow.  Well, the computers haven’t been updated since ‘95, so… yeah, it’s still loading.  I know, I’m sorry, I’m going as fast as I can.  Well, it’s almost – ok, but – ok, sorry about that, but thanks for coming in! …And there it is.

Hello, welcome!  A return?  Sure.  What do you have there?  Really, you bought it ten years ago?  Ok, well, we don’t sell that model any more.  Mm-hmm.  Yeah, and our return policy doesn’t extend to… Manufacturer error, really? Uh-huh. No, I understand, but I don’t think we’ll be able to give you a full refund. Yes, I’d be happy to get my manager for you.

Excuse me, ma’am?  Are these your children?  Ok, well they were running around in the… Yes, but if you could just… What? No, that doesn’t come in orange.  I don’t need to check the back room because they don’t make any in orange.  Ma’am, I really need you to keep your children from running… No, I’m sorry ma’am, we do not provide childcare services in store.  No, it doesn’t come in fuchsia either.

Hello! Have you been helped? Oops! I’m sorry – I’ve already asked you twice.  Been here half an hour, really?  Well, time certainly does fly… Me?  I’ll be here for the next five hours. Five. Yep.

Hello! Have you been helped?

I’m sorry.


Just a moment.

Thanks for coming in!

Just a moment.


I’m sorry.

Hello!  Have you been helped?